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826CHI Compendium Volume 5

$ 20.00
This is a 200+ page anthology of writing from Chicago authors, all between the ages of six and 18. Within these pages you’ll find a smorgasbord of completely original tales, from fantasy, mythology, poetry, and realistic fiction to personal essays and narrative journalism.

This particular volume is organized chronologically by age—beginning with stories from 1st graders and ending with the words of high school seniors. Celebrating the theme of “growth” and split into four distinct age groups, this book contains four introductions by beloved educators with a wealth of experience in that particular phase of adolescence. By organizing the book by age, we can see clearly the creative trajectory of a young writer and admire how their personal growth is revealed through their writing.

Within these pages, you will encounter a lion “as loud as a pencil sharpener,” witness a family’s journey toward American citizenship, live vicariously at a Chance the Rapper show, experience the dramatic sabotage of a 5th grade science project, and get a closer look at the struggles and triumphs of teen parenthood.

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