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20 Years From Now

20 Years From Now

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by Lorraine Smigielski
Thrill of the Chase


8in. x 10in.

Inspired by:

20 Years from Now by Salome M., Grade 8

It's ok if I'm not the one you wake up to every morning
It's okay if I'm not the girl you always dreamed of
I just hope that I'm the girl you think of about
20 years from now 
When you're staring at your coffee cup, disappointed.
Wishing that you didn't put so much milk in, because
now it's too creamy and light
To resemble the dark brown in my eyes
I just want to be the girl you think of, 
About 20 years from now, too scared to touch
the letters of my name with your lips
Because love at its purest gives you a migraine
And when I go permanently,
I just hope that the air around  you is
too thick to breathe
Because that's exactly how I felt.
When I didn't think I could survive without you 
And when I couldn't breathe because 
I couldn't survive without you, and that was your fault

When you sent me to drown in my own tears.