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I Give You Permission to Wreck my Stomach

I Give You Permission to Wreck my Stomach

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by Grace Molteni

8in. x 10in.

Inspired by:

Dairy, by Imaan Y., Grade 11

I give you permission to
Wreck my stomach 

So long as I can have the pleasure 
   of pulling apart your stringy
   mozzarella sticks

I prefer not to have you in
   your weakened, limp
   room-temperature state

But I will still nurture you and
   pull you apart with care

I will tentatively bite into the waxy
   skin of your round, full Brie figure
   (always temporarily forgetting
   if it's edible)

I will resign myself to amazement
   every time I discover your 
   simultaneously sweet and
   salty character

I will drink your calcium-rich nectar,
   known as "milk" by common folk
   hoping to find my strength in its 
   nutritional value

You only have one serious flaw that 
   I think you are very aware of

You sit in the hands of Jamie Lee Curtis
Telling the world how good you are
   for digestive systems

Or let Bobby Flay get you to the 
   Greek and use you as a 
   substitute in cooking

No! I see right through you to
   your tartness and tang, and I 
   almost hate you for letting yourself
   regress to a yogurt form

You're so much better than that
Don't let the world manipulate you

You're cultured enough without
   bacterial fermentation

Oh, dairy. You always trick me into 
   thinking you're good for me,
   but I end up sick and gassy in the end.

I think you're worth it.