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Like I'm the Wind Blowing Softly

Like I'm the Wind Blowing Softly

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by Kayleigh Kueffner


8in. x 10in.

Inspired by:

Chicago Is My Voice, by Kiara D., Grade 8

Champaign, Urbana: the place that I call home. Every time I visit, the place opens with warm hugs. Farms and land are what bring me joy. I love being able to run across a field like I'm the wind blowing softly. They say we're country, but I take pride in that.

I grew up in Chicago for a while, and I guess it became my new home. This is where you hear the noisy streets honk and yell, and you view downtown as the pretty light appears. I can definitely say Urbana is my tranquil place, but Chicago is my voice. It is where my shouts are heard every day.